Fit Ball Exercise, Core Strength, Abs, Balance, Super-set

Fit Ball Exercise, Core Strength, Abs, Balance, Super-set

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If I said “hardcore workout” I mean you can do it, but you will feel it! 🙂 This is part of our superset series designed to help you build your own personalised workout at home.

You will need a fit ball and a wall! Join Jess as she expertly takes you through this challenging but fun 15 minute workout.

Start with this 15 minute routine and add another set to double the challenge or add in workouts that focus on other body parts from other eFit30 routines. This is part of the superset series workout 3.

This Fit-ball workout has been designed to strengthen your core muscles, flatten and tone abs as well improve your balance. You’ll also work your glutes and thighs.

Remember to always warm up before exercise and stretch after the workout.

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